Welcome to our new website

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March 15, 2015
We’d like to introduce you to a 44 year old company. Established in 1971 and re-established in 2015. When Bloomer Plastics acquired Optimum Plastics in October of 2014, it was always our plan to create a single company that would provide customers with both cast and blown film solutions in mono-layer, 3-layer and 9-layer configurations. Today is that day.

In order to avoid confusion, and in an effort to combine our powerful messages, we needed to develop our business strategies, our brand messaging and our new brand identity. Cross those off the list. After that, it was time to design and develop a single website that tells the cast and blown film community what we do, how we do it, and the markets we do it for. And here it is. Our new Optimum Plastics website. Navigate the pages, contact us with questions, read through the site at your leisure, but most of all, visit us frequently because every month, we’ll be including new information, new features and from time-to-time, new products and services. Thanks for visiting us.