In Line Bag Making Solutions

By offering customizable 3 and 9 layer technology, Optimum Plastics creates ideal roll goods or bags designed to meet very specific needs. Our philosophy is grounded in the understanding that the packaging market is ever-changing and our products must continually adapt to meet the needs of the market. This innovative approach to packaging solutions is rooted in flexibility and rapid adaptation.

Our bag manufacturing capabilities are suited for customizable solutions for cheese, meat, specialty chemical and liquid applications. Optimum Plastics’ unique capabilities include bags that can protect products requiring puncture resistance, gas and vapor barrier, heat resistance, and vacuum bags requiring long and short hold times through the distribution cycle. In addition, we have the ability to in line manufacture side gussets, bottom gussets, and perforated bags on roll and tubing.

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The Optimum Advantage

Optimum Plastics offers 3 and 9 layer customizable technology which can create the ideal product without having you settle for the off-the-shelf items. The Optimum advantage allows us to run numerous types of resins and raw materials in thin functional-layer percentages, with the flattest and most accurate profiles in the industry.

9 Layer Bag Benefits and Applications

Our 9-layer technology offers high barrier properties or controlled permeability rates. This material is virtually puncture proof under normal handling.

Optimum’s customizable vacuum bags offer excellent preservation, maintain integrity, and extend distribution life for many fresh food products, such as poultry, beef, pork, seafood, dairy and smoked and processed meats.

We have a unique ability to produce large gusseted bags which have superior oxygen, barrier and organoleptic properties to ensure and maintain color, taste and texture, while withstanding distribution abuse and providing protection from cross contamination.

These bags are strong enough to protect products that have highly abrasive surfaces or irregular shapes, such as cooked ribs, or smoked poultry with bones, combined with high heat tolerance for cook-in-bag simplicity.

In addition, we produce boilable bags which can be directly filled with kettle-cooked foods then chilled or frozen, stored, distributed, or reheated directly in the bag. The film provides superior durability to easily withstand the rigors of handling along with high temperature compatibility. Targeted applications include liquid packaging for pasta dishes, soup, chowders, chili, sauces, gravies, stews, casseroles, syrups and toppings.

In Line Bag Capabilities

P.O.R Bags
Layflat width 10” – 78:
Gussetted width 10” – 102”

I.C. Bags
Maximum length 60”
Layflat width 10” – 78”
Gussetted width 10” – 102”

Web widths 10” – 80”
Gauge .0015 – .010
Tubing 38” – 80”
Roll OD up to 59.5”
Core sizes 3” & 6”
Corona Treatment
Vacuum Bags for long hold and short hold