Fiberglass and Nonwoven Adhesive Film Solutions

For more than 30 years, Optimum Plastics has supplied a wide variety of EAA, EVA, PP, and CoPA based adhesive films for the automotive interior industry.

Optimum Plastics developed the technology to chop fiberglass and laminate, in line, a non-woven scrim to the adhesive film during the extrusion process. This produces a more consistent product with a higher quality result. The glass on film and combo mat product can be made with a variety of fiberglass and film weights to meet any challenging automotive interior requirement.

For example, our adhesive films are being used by Tier 2 automotive suppliers who reheat the film and chop the fiberglass on the film for a headliner application. Our fiberglass products are also utilized by Tier 1 suppliers to eliminate the need to chop fiberglass during the headliner manufacturing process. This eliminates debris, reduces the number of items in raw material inventory, and contributes to increased production rates.

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