Barrier Solutions

Since 1996, Optimum Plastics has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of engineered barrier film structures for some of the most sophisticated applications in the world. Optimum precisely engineers film products to enhance and protect the items that consumers rely upon daily. Whether our films are preserving the food you eat or protecting vital automotive components, our focus is on guarding the value of your products.

Our experience is built upon years of analyzing film chemistry and machine
technologies by some of the greatest process engineering minds in the world. Our systems are capable of running numerous types of resins and additives in thin functional layer percentages with the flattest and most accurate profiles in the industry. Every day we run nylon, EVOH and other difficult to process resins with such precision that we are skilled at maintaining gauge tolerance profiles under 3%.

Barrier Film Details

Optimum Plastics and our team of experienced development engineers offer 3 and 9 layer customizable technology which can create the ideal product to meet your specific requirements. Our material science, process experience and unique capabilities enable us to produce film structures requiring puncture resistance, toughness, gas, odor and vapor barrier and thermoformability. In addition, inner layers can be designed to seal through contamination at a variety of temperatures.

Typical applications include:

  • Vertical and horizontal form, fill and seal
  • Long and short hold cheese packaging
  • MAP packaging
  • Soup and sauce packaging
  • Case-ready meat trays
  • Cook, chill process rollstock
  • Spice and dry goods packaging
  • Forming and non-forming webs
  • Bag in box liquid fill
  • Autoclavable and retortable films
  • Medical packaging
  • Chemical packaging
  • Automotive thermal and adhesive films
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