Cast Extrusion of Diamond Embossed Polyethylene Release Film

Optimum Plastics Inc. manufactures polyethylene release films for various customers in the rubber industry. The natural polyethylene deep diamond release film was created for use as a release liner in the rubber calendering industry. The material is produced on one of our many cast extrusion lines. We produce films to customer specifications after receipt of order and manufacture films in various thicknesses (2.0 mil – 30 mil) and widths (2″ – 84″); material is wound as a single wound sheet on a roll with up to a 22″ OD.

The diamond embossed release film is extensively tested and analyzed by QC to ensure adherence to the customer’s specifications and our highest standards for quality. Various quality tests are available per customer request outside of our standard testing. Optional tests include: tear testing per ASTM D1922; tensile/elongation testing per ASTM D882; secant modulus testing per ASTM D882; DSC melt testing per ASTM D3418; and coefficient of friction – static and kinetic per ASTM D1894.

Rubber hose

Highlights of this Polyethylene Release Film Product

Product Description
This film is used in the Rubber Industry for Rubber Calendering.
Film is used as a Release Liner
Cast Extrusion Capabilities
Diamond Embossed Polyethylene Film
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Cast Extrusion Lines
Overall Part Dimensions
Width: 2″ – 84″
Thickness: 2.0 mil – 30 mil
O.D.: up to 22″ outside diameter Length: Varies to meet customer specification
Material Used
Polyethylene Resin
Release Additives
Material Finish
Diamond Emboss Pattern
In process testing/inspection performed
Tear testing per ASTM D1922
Tensile/elongation testing per ASTM D882
Secant modulus testing per ASTM D882
DSC melt testing per ASTM D3418
Coefficient of Friction – Static and Kinetic per ASTM D1894

Industry for Use
Rubber, OEM Tire, Cushion Gum, Custom Mixing, and Hose Industries
Minimum Order Quantity 500 lbs
Delivery/Turnaround Time
3 Weeks + shipping
3 inch or 6 inch Core
Rolls are Stretched Wrapped on a Pallet unless Otherwise Specified
Delivery Location
Standards Met
All materials are produced to customer specifications after receipt of order
Product Name
DD100AN6 Natural Polyethylene Deep Diamond Release Film