Cast Film

We specialize in the production of custom cast embossed polyolefin and nylon films for various industries. We’ve been a manufacturer of polyethylene films for over 40 years with the capabilities to design and manufacture custom embossed films in a variety of film types and for a wide range of applications.

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Cast Manufacturing Capabilities

With a focus on custom engineering and technology, Optimum Plastics Inc. is continually expanding our manufacturing capabilities.

  • Monolayer and Coextruded cast embossed films
  • Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Nylon and their copolymers
  • Common film thicknesses from 1.0 mil to 40 mil (30,000 to 750 square inches per pound)
  • Common film embossed thickness up to 70 mil
  • Film width from 1.5 inches to 88 inches
  • Standard roll diameter up to 22 inches and up to 41 inches for select products
  • Corona treatment (38 to 46 dyne level)
  • Multiple emboss patterns

Medical and Hygiene Products

We custom manufacture a wide variety of medical films for the healthcare industry. Our films are used in a number of medical applications such as:

  • Protective apparel
  • Medical packaging films
  • Equipment cover drapes
  • Wound care films


Optimum Plastics offers a wide variety of films ideal for applications in the office products industry. These films can be engineered to weld using Ultrasonic, Thermal, RF, or Impulse welding technology.


Our adhesive films are activated by heat, pressure, or a combination of both. These films maintain their form and are easier to handle in comparison to other adhesive technologies. We offer adhesive films containing a barrier layer with a higher melting temperature as well as film structures made entirely of adhesive. We are able to custom engineer films used throughout the automotive interior.