Blown Film

Since 1996, Optimum Plastics has been known as one of the leading manufacturers of blown film and bag structures for some of the most demanding applications in the world. We offer 3 and 9 layer customizable technology which can create the ideal product without having you settle for the off-the-shelf items. The Optimum advantage allows us to run numerous types of resins and raw materials in thin functional-layer percentages, with the flattest and most accurate profiles in the industry.

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Optimum has invested in the most advanced, yet highly functional multi-layered film systems in the world for one reason – to give you the competitive edge. Converters and end-users agree that seven factors must be considered when making the decision to buy film. Optimum Plastics gives you the advantage with specially-designed blown film technology that excels in each of these categories.

carbon dioxide

3 Layer Technology

Our staff works closely with your team to create the most functional, cost-effective packaging solution. By offering 3 layer technology, we can create the ideal product.

9 Layer Technology

Optimum’s unique technology is capable of running ultra-barrier resins such as EVOH and Nylon in virtually any layer of our 9-layer product offerings.