Packaging Films and Sheets

For many years, Optimum Plastics has provided the packaging industry with specialized films that have protected and enhanced the brands of many leading consumer packaged goods companies. Some of the packaging industries we provide our solutions to include:

  • Meat, cheese and frozen entrees
  • Liquid packaging
  • Dry foods and goods
  • Produce
  • Converting films for a multitude of industries
  • Packaging for medical and healthcare products

We offer films in a wide variety of resins, emboss patterns, and manufacturing combinations from 1 – 40 mil. The Optimum Plastics product offerings for the packaging industry include these solutions:

3 Layer & 9 Layer Technology Films

Optimum Plastics works closesly with your company to create the most functional, cost-effective packaging solutions. By offering 3 layer technology, we can create the ideal product for your brand .

With Optimum’s unique 9-layer technology, we are capable of running ultra-barrier resins such as EVOH and Nylon in virtually any layer within our 9-layer product offerings.

Cast Thermoform Films

  • Monolayer films
  • Coextruded films
  • Heat Sealable
    • Lamination films
    • Paper, non-wovens, fabrics extrusion coating
  • Printing films
    • Multiple colors & opacities
    • High or low gloss
    • Corona treat to customer specification
  • Retort films with excellent retort sterilization performance