Medical and Hygiene Films

Optimum Plastics manufactures a wide variety of medical films for the healthcare industry. These films are used in a number of medical applications that include:

  • Protective apparel
  • Medical packaging films
  • Equipment cover drapes

Vinyl Replacement Medical Films

Optimum Plastics’ vinyl replacement medical films offer many advantages over traditional vinyl material. First, they are 33% lighter in weight and cost savings are derived from that. Second, they contain higher gas barrier properties, better flex crack resistance, and are non-corrosive. Third, the Optimum Plastics polypropylene IV bag film is autoclaveable and extremely clear. And fourth, the films are clean burning for responsible disposal and dioxin-free for clean incineration.

We’re able to provide the medical community with these benefits through our capabilities to manufacture:

  • High or low gloss films
  • Multiple emboss patterns
  • RF, ultrasonic and heat sealable films
  • Antistatic
  • Laminated to non-woven and/or paper
  • Low skid
  • Quiet, drapable products
  • Anti-Microbial solutions

Optimum Plastics currently supplies the healthcare industry with the following products:

  • Hygiene Bib
  • Apron and Gown
  • Protective Apparel
  • Surgical Drapes
  • Back Table Drapes
  • Wound Care
  • Packaging
  • Fluid Bags

Non-Glare Antistatic Polyethylene Film

Medical Drape

Optimum Plastics engineered and manufactured a film for a client in the healthcare industry. The matte embossed film has antistatic and non-glare properties that are necessary for its application as a medical drape. The film is produced from polyethylene resins and an antistatic additive. The double-sided (MH) matte emboss creates the non-glare feature.

Learn more about this solution in our Technical Details.

Technical Details