Agriculture Films

Since the inception of agricultural plastics in the 1950’s, growers across all regions now understand the performance and yield benefits of polyethylene mulch film. Optimum Plastics’ mulch and agricultural films are designed to withstand the uncertainties of weather conditions by providing an effective vapor and UV barrier, and by controlling weed growth.

The concept of covering the soil around the crops with various organic matter has been around for ages. The progression into polyethylene film has increased yields due to the drastically improved moisture retention, weed control, and temperature management. Polyethylene’s impermeability curtails the direct evaporation of precious moisture in the soil.

Surprisingly, color can play a critical role in the performance of plastic mulch films. Depending upon the crop, its color, and climate, our films can dramatically increase crop yields.

In this study conducted by Penn State University, you can learn more about the benefits of plastic mulch films: Center for Plasticulture, Penn State University Study.

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Optimize Your Growing Season

Let our engineers recommend a mulch film designed to optimize your growing season. We are a custom polyethylene manufacturer that can craft a film to a specific width, thickness, and color. We offer many other options for landscaping and field mulch film including:

  • Embossed
  • Perforated
  • Degradable
  • UV resistant
  • Colored
  • Two-sided /Two-colored
  • Laminated PE/Non-wovenIncreased vapor barrier
Strawberries on agricultural plastic film