Blown Film

Since 1996, Optimum Plastics has been known as one of the leading manufacturers of high barrier film and bag structures for some of the most demanding applications in the world. We offer 3 and 9- layer customizable technology that creates ideal products without having to settle for the off-the-shelf items. The Optimum advantage allows us to run numerous types of resins and raw materials in thin functional-layer percentages, with the flattest and most accurate profiles in the industry.

Cast Film

We’ve developed one of the strongest reputations for innovation and product customization in the film manufacturing industry. It sounds simple but it’s not. We specialize in the production of custom cast embossed polyolefin and nylon films for a wide range of markets. We’ve been a manufacturer of polyethylene films for over 40 years with the capabilities to design and produce custom embossed films in a variety of film types and for a wide range of applications.

Product Customization


Optimum Plastics is a film manufacturer with a long tradition of providing customers with film solutions that are customized to their needs and engineered to their exacting specifications.

Material Science

We’re second to none in our knowledge of resins and material science. And that’s what you want in your film manufacturer. In fact, some of our solutions require the blending of dozens of resins.

Quality Control

When you’re a leading provider of film solutions to industries like aerospace, automotive, healthcare and many others, there’s no margin for error. When others stop testing, we continue to test without interruption.

Service Excellence

Is anything less acceptable? Of course not. You can’t be a customization leader without being a service leader. That’s because it takes great communication, documentation and follow-up to do both.