A client in the automotive industry approached us to manufacture a film to be used in continuous lamination for automotive parts such as molding for headliners, door trim and trunk liners. Optimum Plastics manufactured a polyethylene heat-activated thermal adhesive film that is extruded from polyethylene copolymer resin that has a low melt temperature.

Automotive Adhesive Film

We manufacture a polyethylene heat-activated thermal adhesive film that is extruded from polyethylene copolymer resin having a low melt temperature. The film is manufactured to adhere to a wide variety of substrates including aluminum, cotton, fiberglass, nonwovens, nylon, paper, polyester, polyethylene, polyurethane foams, scrims, and wood. The film was also manufactured to be a tie layer and provide a bond between substrates.

The thermal adhesive properties of this film enable it to handle deep draw applications while maintaining its adhesive properties under a wide range of environmental conditions.

This film is manufactured in various widths (4.” – 84″) and thicknesses (1.5 mil – 15 mil); material is wound as a single wound sheet on a roll up to a 22″ OD. The film is produced with our shallow taffeta emboss pattern and can be corona treated if the customer requires.

Highlights of Automotive Heat-Activated Adhesive Film

Product Description
This film is used in continuous lamination for molding headliners, door trim, truck lines, and more.
Cast Extrusion Capabilities
Taffeta Embossed Polyethylene Film
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Cast Extrusion Lines
Overall Part Dimensions
Width: 4″ – 84″
Thickness: 1.5 mil – 15 mil O.D.: up to 22″ outside diameter
Length: Varies to meet customer specification
Material Used
Polyethylene copolymer resin having a low melt temperature
Material Finish
Shallow Taffeta Emboss Pattern
In process testing/inspection performed
Lab Analysis:
Tear testing per ASTM D1922
Tensile/elongation testing per ASTM D882
Secant modulus testing per ASTM D882
DSC melt testing per ASTM D3418
Coefficient of Friction – Static and Kinetic per ASTM D1894
Surface roughness
Emboss thickness measurement per ASTM D374
Gloss (60 degrees) per ASTM D2457
Corona treat, surface dyne level per ASTMD5946
Opacity testing
Color matching

Industry for Use
Automotive Industry
Minimum Order Quantity 500 lbs
Delivery/Turnaround Time
3 Weeks + shipping
3 inch or 6 inch Core
Rolls are Stretched Wrapped on a Pallet unless Otherwise Specified
Delivery Location
Standards Met
All materials are produced to customer specifications after receipt of order
Product Name
BB100H – Bloomer Bond H Film – Polyethylene heat-activated adhesive film